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Lost in the Stars (15)

Screen 1, Sunday 21 Apr 2024, 17:00  - ends at 19:02

A cracking, Hitchcockian, twisty thriller.

A Chinese couple go away to an island for a weekend to celebrate their wedding anniversary, but the wife goes missing.

"The unlucky holidaymakers in this instance are He Fei (Yilong Zhu, in an outstandingly good performance) and his wife Li Muzi, who come to Belandia, a fictional south-east Asian island-nation, to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. However, Li Muzi goes missing just days after they arrived… When he wakes up in his hotel the next day, there's a beautiful vampy woman there (Janice Man) who claims that she's Li Muzi, but He Fei insists she's an impostor…" [Is he right, or has he lost his memory?] "He hires local Mandarin-speaker Chen Mai (Ni Ni, also terrific) to help him investigate his wife's disappearance and liaise between him and the cops. A tough cookie who drives like Lewis Hamilton and seems honest enough, Chen Mai insists that He Fei tell her the whole truth about the circumstances of his wife's disappearance. Turns out he's not been completely honest, of course, and directors Rui Cui and Xiang Liu start skilfully peeling back the onion…" - Leslie Felperin, Guardian.

The twists and turns continue throughout; definitely a thriller 'like they used to be'...

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