Relaxed Screenings

RELAXED/ACCESSIBLE SCREENINGS (£5 tickets, Friday matinees, labeled RX) For relaxed/accessible screenings we keep the lights on low for visibility to move around, have the sound a bit lower than usual, and everyone attending knows there may be some added input from infants or other more restless cinema patrons, who might move in and out of the auditorium during the screening. Anyone is welcome at these screenings. The film will be subtitled if these are available, and the screening will start promptly at the advertised time (unlike our usual programme, when there are 10-15 minutes of adverts after the advertised start time). Head upstairs to the balcony if you are not accompanied by an infant (under 3 always free). Join our Keswick Alhambra Parents & Babies Facebook Group to make specific film requests or find people to come with